O365 License Discovery and Management

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with the built-in O365 cmdlets for viewing and modifying licenses you’ve probably come across: Set-MsolUserLicense : Unable to assign this license because it is invalid. Use the Get-MsolAccountSku cmdlet to retrieve a list of valid licenses. In every instance I ran across this “error” it was because […]

Get AD Group Member Details from Trusted Domains

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The vast majority of active directory powershell cmdlets don’t need any enhancement but there is one in particular that I felt could use an alteration:  Get-ADGroupMember.  When using this command it will return [Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADObject] types which can be thrown to a switch statement depending on objectclass and you will get the object’s home AD info.  However, when […]

Vagrant HAProxy Demo using CentOS7

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I wanted to get a little more familiar with both HAProxy config and Vagrant so put the two together and bam, magic!  Sort of.  After trying multiple Vagrantfile config options to set a static IP I gave up; my custom CentOS7 network config would get wiped shortly after boot*.  I then began testing with ifcfg […]

CentOS 7 – Configure TigerVNC Server

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I don’t normally need a remote GUI desktop on my linux VMs but I wanted to test Vagrant and easily monitor VirtualBox status with multiple terminals open at the same time.  So after a few Google searches to determine why my remote connection is failing to start I’m boiling it down to the steps below.  These […]