TFTP + CentOS 7 + SELinux

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Welly, well, well…when in need of a TFTP server why not build your own, leave SELinux enabled, create a custom repo, fight against SELinux, find some help on the internets, and end up spending up way too much time on what was supposed to be a quick task. I’m sure this page will get four […]

VMware 5.5 U3 CentOS 7 Image Prep

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You can find a lot of scripts for vSphere 5.5 CentOS 7 images + customization specs but I found most were dated due to newer releases of open vm tools.  I experimented with the CentOS 7 minimal ISO and found this script accomplished everything I needed with guest OS set to  ‘CentOS 4/5/6/7 (64-bit)’, NIC using DHCP, and only […]

CentOS 7 SFTP Setup

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I wanted to setup SFTP + non-standard directories + fail2ban and figured an end-to-end solution had to be documented at this point by someone…somewhere.  Nope – I had to stitch together several pieces from a handful of stackoverflow posts to finally get a consolidated solution.  I made this a bit more complicated than I expected due to […]

Vagrant HAProxy Demo using CentOS7

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I wanted to get a little more familiar with both HAProxy config and Vagrant so put the two together and bam, magic!  Sort of.  After trying multiple Vagrantfile config options to set a static IP I gave up; my custom CentOS7 network config would get wiped shortly after boot*.  I then began testing with ifcfg […]

CentOS 7 – Configure TigerVNC Server

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I don’t normally need a remote GUI desktop on my linux VMs but I wanted to test Vagrant and easily monitor VirtualBox status with multiple terminals open at the same time.  So after a few Google searches to determine why my remote connection is failing to start I’m boiling it down to the steps below.  These […]