Add Parent OU in DN and CN Path Format Using Regex Match

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Yet another solution for grabbing Parent OU paths


CentOS 7 SFTP Setup

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I wanted to setup SFTP + non-standard directories + fail2ban and figured an end-to-end solution had to be documented at this point by someone…somewhere.  Nope – I had to stitch together several pieces from a handful of stackoverflow posts to finally get a consolidated solution.  I made this a bit more complicated than I expected due to […]

Namecheap Shared Hosting + LetsEncrypt

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Let’s put it all on the table – Namecheap Shared Hosting does not provide built-in support for LetsEncrypt (see comment section) but you can use LE certs with a little bit of work.  So if you have this type of Namecheap service, are comfortable with bash command line, looking for a LE cert, and can spare 10 minutes continue reading…. […]