VMware Template – Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

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Thanks to VMUG advantage I’m running the latest and greatest versions of ESXi and vCenter Server. However, applying a simple VM customization during Ubuntu 18.04.3 template deployment resulted in the network being set but not connected even though the template was. I ended up combining parts of this helpful script seen at Jim Angel’s site […]

IoT ACL on Cisco 3750 L3 Switch

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Here is a quick example I’m using to segregate my IoT vlan from the rest of the network. If you’re on the latest IOS version you can use object groups to simplify the RFC1918 rules seen below. The following communication flows are allowed: vl10 <–> vl20 all traffic vl10 <–> internet vl20 <–> internet vl50 […]

ESXi 6.7 + Synology NFS VAAI Plug-in

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A quick google search for Synology NFS VAAI will get some decent results but the step by step documentation could use some TLC. Especially for 6.7 hosts where even after adding the .zip package manually to update manager it will list 6.7 hosts as compliant without performing any remediation tasks. Place ESXi host into maintenance […]

Supermicro X10 Motherboard Fan Control

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The homelab was in dire need of an upgrade recently and I landed on some Supermicro X10 motherboards. The 2U case I selected came with some built-in 80mm fans which had a max of 2000 RPM. During initial boot the fans would cycle between idle and max speed. I could see in the IPMI dash […]

TFTP + CentOS 7 + SELinux

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Welly, well, well…when in need of a TFTP server why not build your own, leave SELinux enabled, create a custom repo, fight against SELinux, find some help on the internets, and end up spending up way too much time on what was supposed to be a quick task. I’m sure this page will get four […]

Domain Controller Granular Event Log Delegation

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So you’ve combed through 7 year old TechNet forum posts, cursed the limitations of Event Log Readers group when trying to use Get-WinEvent, and then tried to decipher SDDL to no avail.  A treatment for all those woes:

The basic gist here is that the CustomSD registry value will contain your new permissions and […]